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Prayer Post Guidelines:

1. Speak for yourself.
2. As you share personal information, please consider if it is suitable for public knowledge
3. Respect the privacy of others. When posting a request on behalf of another person:
Ask permission from the person before posting when possible
Maintain confidentiality. Only include information the person is comfortable communicating publicly.
Ask yourself, “How would I feel about others knowing the information included if I were the one being prayed for?”
4. Remember, God knows our situations and our needs. He can be trusted to provide for us (see Matthew 6:25-34). The purpose of the Prayer Wall is not to broadcast the details of our situations but to invite others to join us in asking God to make known to us His presence and provision.
5. Don’t use the Prayer Wall for solicitation purposes.

19 thoughts on “Prayer Page

  1. Please be in prayer for a family from VCA (Haupt) they have a son with autism and there is only one place that has therapy in all of Porter County. They are fighting to get more help and a new facility in our area.

    Meagan’s prayer is for God to open the doors for this, not just for my son but all families that have been touched with Autism. I pray the answers to why this is happening are soon discovered. I pray also for the pain each family goes through the fear to be abated and the peace that comes through Jesus Christ to taken hold of the families and know there is design and a plan. Maybe my son has autism because God knew I would fight for help in our community.

  2. Please be in prayer for a friend of Beth Shire’s … her little boy is having trouble adjusting to a recent divorce and going to school.

  3. I got an email tonight from Susan Sherman that Pat and Penny are requesting intense prayer for Pat’s health and their peace through cancer treatments for Pat.

  4. Please be in prayer for Marya Butler’s cousin Jessica in Kentucky (she is a mother of 2 young children). She just had brain surgery due to 2 blood clots on her brain and she isn’t doing well.

  5. Please be in prayer for Beth Shire and family – Beth was able to be with her mother as she passed away this morning (she did say she passed quickly & peacefully).

  6. Mike and Diane McCorkle would like to share a prayer request for a little boy named Dakota. They had to life flight him . He is having seizures. Forward this to everyone you can please.

  7. Lisa Murdocks’s (Ken&Beth Shire’s daughter) best friends sister Wendy was diagnosed with progressive breast cancer. Please pray that testing and treatment (if any) is decided quickly. Wendy is only 45 years old, she is a wife, a mother and a foster mother. Prayers are appreciated.

  8. Ken & Beth Shire’s mom, MaryJane Walker is in the hospital for a few days for observation. Dad says it could be low sodium (giving saline IV). They are checking if UTI came back. Beth has been concerned because her mom has only been keeping liquids down since before November. Beth is planning to drive down to Ohio next Tuesday to visit, but may go this week.? Please pray for MaryJane’s health and for Beth’s travels.

    • Update: Unfortunately MaryJane has stopped taking liquids and has become unresponsive. The Shire’s will be going to Ohio shortly, please be in prayer for their travels and for the rest of the family.

  9. Please pray for the Shire’s friend, she is going through some tough stuff regarding a recent divorce and the children’s father. Please pray for peace, direction, and acquiring low income housing.

  10. Please be in prayer for Shirley Thorley, she had a procedure done and since then has been suffering with her nerve pain again. Pray for healing and comfort.

  11. Please pray for Tim & Jeannie Lucich good friend’s wife. She is having serious health issues. Please be in prayer for her. Thank you.

  12. Please be in prayer for Beth Shire’s mother, she is weak from a recent infection and is in a nursing home until she regains her strength. Pray that she is being properly taken care of and treated well. Thank you

  13. Ken & Beth Shire: Praise, their friends mediation went well and things seem to be worked out. Once she and children’s father sign the divorce will be final. Please continue to to pray for their future. Thank you

  14. Please pray for Kyle Sims & his family their new home burned down and they have 2 young children. (friends of Kasey & April Crandall)

  15. Ken and Beth Shire friend Praise – Mediation over, children’s welfare resolved in court yesterday. Please pray for court date on 11/5/16 – thanks

  16. Please pray for our friend and her sons. They are experiencing overwhelming spiritual warfare over her divorce. Next Tuesday Oct 18 at 1:30-?? she has a court hearing to resolve divorce and custody issues. Thanks for praying. in Jesus’ love Ken and Beth Shire

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